There are many factors that should be taken into account when having a new rooftop installed. Having a roofing professional is a pre-requisite but that is not enough. Along with employing an expert to deal with the job, a few things to remember with regards to rooftop replacement are found here.

Geographic Location
You may need different grades of materials depending on the area you live in. You might need higher grade materials in case you live in an area with fast winds, or facing a body of water, or your house is exposed to frequent rainfalls. The hired expert can guide on which material is best to use according to your location.

Money plays an important part in the purchase. If you are on a budget and do not want the 3-tab shingle, you can go for the architectural style of shingle. Although there is a difference in price of the two, the architectural-styled shingles are stronger, being able to withstand winds that reach up to 130mph, while the 3-tab shingle can only withstand 60mph of winds.

Pitch of the roof
The pitch is the steepness of the roof. A roof that is flat, or a roof with a pitch of 3:12, is considered to be a low-pitched roof. In order to extract the best performance from such roofs, a membrane roof system should be installed.

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