Preventative Maintenance

The life of a roof should be several years. By cons, it is unfortunately the part of a building most often forgotten, especially because it is not very visible… until it starts to flee!

By developing a maintenance program, you will be able to maximize the reliability and durability of your roof, while respecting your budget.

Indeed, roof maintenance costs are significantly lower than those associated with a repair.

Extend the life of your roof a few years and make significant savings with maintenance services Raymond and Associates Roofing Inc.

Investing in prevention means saving money. Studies have shown that it is five times cheaper to have your roof regularly inspected than waiting for a problem to arise.


Each roof is unique. That’s why each of our Thompson Roofing maintenance programs is adapted to meet the needs of your roof.

The time spent evaluating the type of roof, its size, its complexity, its age, makes it possible to establish a maintenance program based on the value of the roof, thus considerably reducing its aging speed and avoiding any costly corrective measures.


Following a rigorous visual inspection of your roof with detailed report, we develop a 5-year maintenance program. Our 5-year contract includes annual reviews of your roof with recommended work. Anticipating the deterioration of the roof and developing a strategic maintenance program maximizes the useful life of your roof while minimizing long-term costs.